At Nicholas Estates, we don’t only deal in extensions and renovations of existing properties. We also build brand new properties throughout the county of Suffolk and beyond. We have the experience and expertise to work with our customers to provide really special new properties and structures.

Innovative Properties


We pride ourselves on the quality of our new builds and the innovation with which we approach each project, meaning that a Nicholas Construction property is always exactly what our customers want and require. We never settle for anything less than perfect and we’re sure that you will feel the same at the completion of the project.

At Nicholas Construction, we are always efficient, punctual and effective in providing new builds on time and budget, meaning that you can budget and plan correctly throughout the process of seeing your new build come to life. From start to finish, we plan every aspect of the build, from the earliest designs, all the way through to laying the last brick, this is why we have built a reputation for excellent service amongst our customers and clients.

If you have any new build requirements, speak to Nicholas Construction today.