At Nicholas Construction, we believe that it is equally important for your garden to be impressive as it is for the property itself. As such, Nicholas Construction offer a landscaping service, to help our customers make radical changes to the area surrounding their property. 

We will discuss your needs and your plans for the property’s garden and help you identify what is possible and how the existing space can work for you. We are always delighted to work through the design process with our customers, and enjoy helping them see their dream become a reality.

Comprehensive, Reliable service


You can be sure that our service is the most efficient, cost effective manner of planning for a landscape redesign of your garden. We are always upfront about costs and work that is required to see that no extra work or costs need be added to the property in the middle of the project, this helps both us and you plan and budget effectively throughout the process.

We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers feel that their needs and requirements are being met, which is why we will guide you through the entire process of landscaping your property, helping you achieve truly excellent results.

To discuss our landscape design service, get in contact with Nicholas Construction today.