At Nicholas Construction, we work with local homeowners to help them make their extension plans into a reality. Sometimes, we all want to upgrade our property, but understanding the constraints of the current property and building regulations can lead to things becoming difficult, which can kill a project, before it has had the chance to begin.

We have the expertise and experience to develop your thoughts and plans into the real thing in the most efficient, cost effective way possible. If you have troubles with your extension plans, or any difficulty in making it a reality, then Nicholas Estates should always be your first port of call.

Renovations for your home


At Nicholas Construction, as well as providing new build homes and creating impressive new extensions, we can also renovate existing homes in need of refreshment. Your renovation may be small and just require minor changes to flooring, d├ęcor or small levels of construction.

However you envisage your renovation working, Nicholas Construction will be able to help you see it through to realization. Working with you from start to finish, we guarantee that your renovation will perfectly meet your needs.

To discuss a renovation or an extension of your home, get in touch with Nicholas Construction today.