At Nicholas Construction, we understand how exciting it is to see a new build or extension of an existing property come together. However, we also have experience of clients who have seen their projects fall by the wayside due to faults in the way they are approaching their financing.

As such, Nicholas Construction provide a comprehensive building finance service to help our clients see their plans become a reality. We understand the difficulties that can arise as a result of financing property and new construction projects, so we are here to guide you through the process as you need, regardless of the experience that you have.

Self builds


If you are looking to finance a self build, then finding the right mortgage is a crucial first step to ensure that the project is an overall success. At Nicholas Construction, we can help you navigate the market to find the deal you need based on your budget and your individual requirements.

We are a leading expert in self build finance, and have worked alongside important high street banks and lenders to find the best deals for our customers. We enjoy nothing more than seeing a clients new build dream become a reality, and are ready to help you today.

For any of your building finance needs, speak to Nicholas Construction today.